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Bobkov V.N., Simonova M.V., Loktyukhina N.V., Shichkin I.A. Peculiarities of Unstable Employment in the Era of a Digital Economy from Data of Social Media of Russia / Digital Transformation of the Economy: Challenges, Trends, and New Opportunities // Includes selected papers from the VI International Scientific Conference Digital Transformation of the Economy: Challenges, Trends and New Opportunities held in Samara, Russia (Samara State University of Economics) on 29th–31st May 2018. Pages 235-243.

The article presents the results of references analysis related to precarious employment in Russia found in social networks, blogs and public sources of information.

Using thesaurus compiled on scientific articles and public discussions, automatic monitoring of news, topics, reviews and also debates which dedicated to precarious employment issue has been carried out. The search for subjects of precarious employment was conducted by using Big Data technology.

There was revealed the connection of individuals affected by precarious employment to a specific age, gender, occupation, as well as their location in the Russian Federation. An estimates of precarious employment scale in Federal districts of Russia has given.

In the result of the study, a socio-demographic profile of an individual affected by precarious employment in Russia was defined.

There were factors and components of precarious employment related to social media users are determined, whereby expanded knowledge concerning manifestations of their precarious employment. A list of key problems faced by precarious workers is established.